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Custom Bullet Journals

I am very excited to announce the arrival of completely custom, hand-drawn bullet journals to the Sophie Writes repertoire. As much as I bang the hobby drum with the important caveat to pursue whatever idol pastime may interest you without the need to perfect the art, it is still a nice feeling when something you take up out of enjoyments makes way to bigger things. My entire writing career is testament to that. And, in a moment that would make Bob Ross proud, I recently had a happy little (artsy) accident when creating a gift for a dear friend.

I adore handmade, thoughtful gifts with a personal touch that you just cannot buy, and, given this particular friend shares my love of doodles, calligraphy and journaling (but hasn’t the time to practice) I settled on making a bullet journal for an upcoming special birthday. As she is a teacher I put together an academic planner with a few collections and spreads I thought she’d enjoy. I’m incredibly pleased with how it turned out!

I couldn’t resist sharing the spreads and sketches with friends and family as I went and, after a few compliments and words of encouragement (and convincing that they weren’t just being kind), I decided to take the plunge and offer a few custom journals on Etsy. I’m delighted to have taken two orders already (although my schedule is less thrilled) and thought it was a good idea to take to the blog to share a few of the unique spreads I’ve created.

Whether you’re here as you’re interested in a journal of your own, or you’d like a few ideas for your own spreads, I hope you enjoy a look through the doodles and designs. Please share with others you think might like them too!

Custom journals can be purchased directly from my Etsy store, are made to order and based entirely upon your own specifications.  You won’t find a more personalised journal!
Watch a full flip through on YouTube.


  • Angela Scott

    They look absolutely stunning! I really wish you all the best with this. You must have oodles of patience!

  • Sophie

    Thank you! It is so much fun and I completely zone out when making them 🙂 Although ask me again when I’ve got too many orders to deal with lol

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