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Functional Bullet Journal – March 2022

It’s not too often I share my own monthly spreads as they are quite the personal insight into my world, but I do so enjoy the peak into other peoples journals that I occasion indulge the voyeur in all of us and open that door.

This month is no different to the usual busy, not-enough-hours-in-the-day, perpetually over tired and under motivated sort of month that most of us seem to wade through. I’ve a number of goals to tick off in the coming weeks and a few projects that are gaining momentum and, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, journaling not only helps me reflect but also organise and plan.

March 2022 Cover Page

As is my go-to style of journaling, my bujo remains minimal, clean and predominantly functional, although I do pepper a few quotes and inspirational pages around to break up the monotony.

Monthly Spread

Monthly pages for me remain largely unchanged and exist as a catch all, at-a-glance, data rich spread. I use this space to capture appointments, events, memories and habits – info which when viewed as a whole is an insightful source of self-reflection.

Brain Dump

Brain dumps are an invaluable asset and I often end up with quite a few dotting around the month as they fill up quickly.  I use brain dumping for anything I need to quickly scribble down such as a reminder or note – usually as a temporary waiting area until I find them a permanent home.  Given I regularly visit and revisit them throughout the month, I commonly settle these pages alongside a quote to remind myself of something meaningful or motivational.  The quotes I choose generally reflect the moon I’m in, what I feel I should focus on for better mental health or, if I have a particularly task-heavy month ahead, something mojo boosting to give me a much needed kick up the proverbial.

Productivity Tracker

I’ve decided this month to delve deeper into the art of productivity tracking and also toe dip into the more ‘doodly’ side of bullet journaling.  Using a blend of the productivity level board and inspiration from Jashii Corrin, I’m tracking my habits and activities throughout each day of the month.  Aiming to fill up each square with an icon that represents an activity or task, the idea is to get as close to ‘level 3’ as possible.  I’m hoping this will offer a good visual insight this month into how much time I actually spend getting stuff done (or engaging in mindful, planned downtime) as opposed to just feeling constantly busy but still unable to crack the to-do list.

Spending and Routine

My final collections within the pages of March are designed to monitor a couple of the bigger goals I have this month.  Still chipping away at the moving fund (and getting far too spendy lately) I’m doing something I’ve never done and keeping a handle on frivolous purchasing over the coming weeks.  Discounting planned-for costs like household bills, fuel and groceries, I’m aiming to monitor any spending that falls under a ‘want’ category rather than a ‘need’.  In theory, I will pause for thought before indulging in the daily drive-through coffee or splurging on outfits that I most definitely, probably, might not, possibly don’t strictly need.

I’m also trying my absolute upmost to settle on a good working, studying, blogging, wife-ing, mum-ing and me-ing routine that makes sense and doesn’t leave me incessantly exhausted.  A weekly schedule is very much trial and error, but by drafting something out on paper I can reflect back at the end of the month to see what worked well and what I might need to tweak.


My set up for March is definitely more spread-heavy than previous months, but still has the minimal style I enjoy and benefit from so much.  The beauty of such flexible journaling is the freedom to change up your pages and collections depending on need, goals and how much time you have to dedicate to planning within the month.  If you’re tempted, but have no idea where to start, head over to AJ Bower Publishing and take a look at my guest blog post on getting started with bullet journaling.


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